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My name is Jens (Yenz), and I am here to help you find your personal balance and reach the next level of your individual consciousness by guiding you toward feeling a stronger inner-calmness and offering you a more peaceful perspective of “those stepstones of life” that we all have to put our foot on for progress. If you need deep rest, freedom from unpleasant thoughts and feelings, or simply want to lighten-up, you are welcome to visit our meditation studio. Our doors are always open to you, and I would love to guide you through a beautiful meditation and invite you to one of our enjoyable workshops.

Wishing you a peaceful journey.

Jens Christian Springmann

Beautiful Meditation

For the ones who want to enjoy a relaxing and tranquil meditation, finding deep-rest along with revitalization, our “beautiful meditation” is the way to start.  It is simple, guided, and accompanied by peaceful sounds and images you will enjoy.

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Meditative Walk & Hike

In our meditative walk and hike, we combine activity and the pureness of nature, with our beautiful meditation. If an unpleasant feeling or merely the need to escape the atmosphere of the city is the initial spark to do this, then it is absolutely fine.

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Personalized Meditation

To personalize your meditation, the input regarding your emotion and body sensation is necessary. This information will then be gently imbedded into our session to create a perfect meditation to help you find your indivudual balance again.

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Open Ashram Service

Immerse into a moment of peace, Relax body and mind, Listen to mindful & spiritual exemplifications, Find out about the true meaning of life, Reflect and Learn to think better of you, this world, and your fellow human beings.

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Meditative Acrylic-Pouring

Artwork has always had a relaxing effect on human beings, and it also gives us the possibility to express ourselves. To be in a calm and quiet mood, and to intensify our emotion, we combine our acrylic pouring with short guided meditations.

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