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Pranayama – Breathwork

Pranayama is one of the eight limbs of Yoga and much more than just simple breathing exercises – they activate and harmonize hidden energies of our life force Prana. Through special breathing protocols, we are able to absorb more Prana and boost our physical, mental, and creative energy. By learning how to control our breath, we also develop a stronger power in directing our mind. Unfortunately, we are mainly aware of the physical necessity of our breath to nourish our body and cleanse our blood. But there is a spiritual factor to it, where the evolved human being should embrace his breath as an equivalent to nourishing his mind and soul through the true life force Prana. This acceptance can only take place through self-experience, and as this experience sets in, it truly has the power to change your idea and the importance of breathing fundamentally.

In our Pranayama service, we offer breathing protocols to relax, nourish, concentrate, contemplate, meditate, and invigorate body, mind, and soul. We teach the basics of breathing from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective and exercise the most popular protocols so you can benefit appreciably.

Pranayamas are easy to learn, implement into our daily routine, and great to practice during work breaks, on a walk, at the airport, driving a car, or even in front of a computer. They offer efficient results in a short amount of time, and therefore, are a must for anyone experiencing stress, fear, lack of concentration and self-confidence, or simply to deepen one’s meditation practice.

Experience for yourself how capable you are of strengthening and invigorating your body and mind through these simple yet effective practices. Our Pranayama Service also includes a guided meditation.

Purpose and Assistance for:

  • Enhancement of Inner-Satisfaction
  • Mental Regeneration and Body Relaxation
  • Increase of Serenity and Calmness
  • Increase of Physical Strength
  • Relief from a stressful daily routine
  • Improvement of Sleeping Quality

Session Components:

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Sounds and Visualization
  • Guided Meditation

Session Length:

60 min

Pricing and Appointment:

  • One-on-One: $135/Person
  • Couples: $85/Person
  • 6 for 5 – Bonus Card
  • Home-visit: extra 5$/mile

Appointments can be set up flexible, in the early morning, evening, on weekends, and during holidays.