Mind over body

Fasting & Mindfulness

Spirit over Mind

Your body needs nutrition – Your soul needs comfort

Our fasting & mindfulness program will effectively and naturally help you lose weight, find comfort, tighten your skin, strengthen your mind, and transcend your cravings. Through physical, mindful, meditative, and efficient practices you will gain self-awareness, stronger willpower, and concentration, which will make overcoming your conditioned mind easier, yes even enjoyable. This program is structured to deeply touch and cleanse your body, mind, and soul, offering you mental, spiritual, and physical techniques and activities that you will be able to easily implement into your daily routine.

As human beings, we are well-advised to maintain and sustain a healthy body but also a pure and satisfied soul. Therefore, we need to learn how to create that sense of inner peace and harmony, where we can relax, recharge, refresh, and revitalize our body and mind ourselves. Our ignorance and false approach to still our deeper needs for inner peace and satisfaction through tasty foods and snacks will sooner or later cause suffering and disease. CDC estimates that 48,000,000 people are sick, 128,000 hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases each year in the United States. We might be able to endure without any troubles for quite some time by living in our own world and suppressing our affliction, but this will gradually worsen our physical or mental health condition. If we do not know how to comfort ourselves mentally and spiritually, changing our undisciplined eating habits will always be a struggle. We drink, eat, and snack because we find relief and satisfaction in doing so. Accordingly, we need methods for our everyday life that give us comfort in healthy and effective ways to replace our destructive eating behavior. 

Our fasting & mindfulness program is a private guided workshop that will fit into your daily routine or vacation, in a group not bigger than 2-4 persons, 20.5 hours/week incl. weekends, with the intention to lose weight noticeably, help heal your body, and feel free-minded, as well as mentally and physically vigorous. You will not be forced to change but get motivated and encouraged by being offered and practicing methods to find comfort, patience, clarity, together with inner security and confidence.

Purpose and Assistance for:

  • Lose weight and tighten your skin
  • Healthy nutritional consultation
  • Increase physical and mental health
  • Strengthen your immune- and vascular-system
  • Enhance inner-satisfaction
  • Improve your sleeping quality
  • Increase serenity and calmness
  • Achieve spiritual communion and deep relaxation
  • Maintain a healthy work-life-sleep-spiritual balance
  • Discover the avenue to your true-self
  • Detect and dissolve inherited family affairs
  • Find and avoid negative energy fields
  • Increase self-esteem and unconditional satisfaction
  • Sustain valuable thoughts and creativity

Cases of application:

  • Obesity, Body Shaming
  • Lack of feeling satiated
  • Nervousness, Impatience, Anxiety

Legal Information: Plan B serves as a natural and holistic add-on to established therapies (when inefficient or dissatisfying results occur). Yet, none of these statements have been evaluated by any medical administration. These services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Workshop Options and Pricing:

  • 14-day intensive Course – $850/person
    one-on-one + $400
  • 21-day purifying Course $1250/person
    one-on-one + $600

  • 28-day profound Course 1650/person
    one-on-one + $800

We will be in our studio learning how to breathe, concentrate, cleanse, meditate, pray, exercise, create, and affirm life, as well as outside in nature hiking, earthing, reconnecting, relaxing; and we will endure cold exposure, which has a tremendously positive effect on our mind and body – all in small, safe, but steady steps. Professionally executed cold exposure combined with meditation & mindfulness is one of the most powerful practices that will enable us to break through our limitations and strengthen our resistibility – both mentally and physically. Intermittent fasting (1mad or 2mad = 1200 kcals/day), target-state-coaching, nutrition counseling, and healthy vegan show-cooking will help us lose weight, deeply understand everything about nutrition, and have fun – with the positive side-effect of greatly enhancing self-consciousness.

Your Coach and Mentor:

My name is Jens (“Yenz”), and I will be your coach, mentor, motivator, and friend for the entire workshop. Together we will persevere, endure, transcend, and enjoy our program. It clearly is an alternative, holistic, yet effective, and practical approach. And if I had not been in a similar situation as you might be right now myself, I wouldn’t have been able to test, affirm, and establish these methods as a completion. Plan B consists only of the techniques that I have found out for myself to definitely carry the potential to effectively help ourselves on the three planes of body, mind, and soul, but also to withstand negativity, cravings, and adverse habits on these three planes, steadfastly.

Nevertheless, it takes your personal readiness, commitment, and willingness to make a change. Then, together with your hope and desire for amendment, we will ignite your inner spark and lighten it up again to that fire you did not lose but quench through a delusion of disappointment, uncertainty, and ignorance. Now and together, and I give you my word; we will make a change – naturally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will reach a level of inner well-being, confidence, and comfort, together with mental and physical strength, and last but not least, a profound connection to your spirit within – that all together will lead you into the pathway of more happiness, health, and satisfaction!
As a former professional paramedic, engineer, athlete, target-state coach, and meditation practitioner, I represent characteristics to provide a safe and sophisticated, as well as down-to-earth, hands-on, and unique workshop that can change your life and mindset positively.

Personal experience

After relocating to the US from Germany, my family and I suddenly found ourselves in a jungle of unhealthy, genetically manipulated, bleached, highly acidic, sugared, salted, enriched, processed, antibiotic-treated, and chemically preserved foods packed in vibrant colored boxes in large stores with aisles of excessive supply, not to mention the number of fast food restaurants everywhere. Of course, we all enjoyed the tastes of these extremely flavor-enhanced snacks, treats, and meals, but soon our bodies began to dislike many foods containing the above-mentioned ingredients. This forced my wife and me to deeply search for healthy, alkaline, and organic ingredients, reduce wheat, dairy, sugar, sodium, and eliminate high fructose corn syrup, which all together profoundly educated us. We have always eaten healthy compared to the common American diet, but the circumstances now helped us reach a higher and more wholesome level. Yet, the most significant capability is certainly knowing the difference between hunger and suffering from stress or discomfort (and trying to satisfy this through delicious tasting food). Although intermittent fasting helps to precisely balance one’s body mass index, the breathing, meditation, and mindful techniques are what really help overcome cravings to a point where they don’t even arise anymore. This increase in mental and physical strength raises one’s sense of inner well-being and energy level noticeably (less food and more valuable ingredients make a difference). You will, over time, not only feel physically lighter and stronger but also emotionally. I am not sure which is the greater benefit, but our fasting & mindfulness program will surely boost your confidence, inner peace, as well as your health and immune system appreciably.

What we will do together

Our fasting & mindfulness program is subject to a varying daily schedule consisting of physical, mindful, and spiritual practices that are easy to implement and continue afterward. One of our primary goals is to internalize the techniques that enable you to maintain a stable physical and mental balance on your own.

Fasting & Detox:
Intermittent fasting and detoxification will be part of our workshop from the beginning on. You will regularly test your Ph level because, with too much uric acid buildup in your body, proper detoxification is almost impossible. Therefore, we will balance our PH level (and blood sugar) through entirely natural methods (breathing, nutrition, stress reduction, movement). You will daily prove and observe effectiveness to yourself. Actual detoxification then is simple and will only require you to drink a selection of organic teas and mineral water. Apple-cider-vinegar+lemon water will support our digestion, help overcome cravings, and stabilize our blood sugar level.

Guided Meditation:
In our daily guided meditation, you get to entirely relax your body and mind by simply letting it all go, unwinding, and following me into a deeper state of peace, healing, inner safety, and joy. This will be extremely helpful to calm your ego’s voice but also to find the door to your heart and enter it. We are only able to reach authentic, satisfying inner comfort and happiness through conscious spiritual communion within.

Do you really think you already know how to breathe? The breathing protocol we will study is the fundament of many of our techniques; easy yet invigorating. Breath is one of our body’s main life forces, and through a proper breathing sequence, we will not only learn how to concentrate and meditate but to positively improve our body’s biochemistry, oxygen and energy level. In the future, accurate breathing will be a massive benefit to handle all difficult situations with ease and calm.

Cold Exposure:
Overcoming cold exposure is one of the oldest and most potent body-mind interventions on this planet! You might be frightened to get into the cold at first because from child on, we all were conditioned in a way to avoid the cold. We were told that we would get sick from it. Yet, for those who consciously enter and overcome the impact of the cold the opposite is the case. Through this method, you will strengthen your mental willpower, but also your skin and your body’s immune and cardiovascular system noticeably. It also reduces inner stress, which we will see in a calmer heart rate. You will be guided in easy, safe, and decisive steps and be stunned by this method’s capability of energizing you physically and mentally. (private and discreet)

Mindful Counseling:
Mindful Counseling is a significant part of our workshop. It ranges from topics such as “Good Sleep” – “Family Constellation” – “The Human being – a Multidimensional Being” – “Influences We Can See And Not See” – “The Eight Principles Of Yoga”, and “Karma”; to reliable “Common Sense”. Yet, our focus will be on nutrition counseling and includes everything one needs to know about a healthy diet. The benefits of alkaline, organic, non-gmo, low-sugar/sodium/carbs/dairy/meat/wheat, healthy fats, and high-density lipoprotein foods will be explained in depth and the use demonstrated in our educative show-cooking and enjoyed with our meals.  We will show how a healthy grocery list can look like.

Physical Exercise:
We will take care of our body by exercising it gently but with discipline. All practices can be easily performed at home. Being in nature for easy hikes, reconnecting and earthing, will be like a balm to your body and soul. You will feel great relief and notice that as human beings, we are meant to be connected with nature.

Drawing and painting help us not only to express ourselves but to focus and concentrate. In this concentration, you will forget your burdens as if they’d never existed, sense inner satisfaction, and simply smile at the result of your ability and creativity. You will be guided in acrylic pouring and freehand spiral drawing.

Mindful Exercise:
It is through concentration, the capability of controlling our senses, thoughtlessness, and ease that we find true comfort, balance, and health. Our highly industrialized world, performance-oriented society, adverse ideals and desires, together with huge amounts of negative information and influences have made this quite tricky, yet not impossible. You will learn and exercise how to shut off your senses, let go of meaningless information, reflect on your inner mental images, and cleanse your soul from harmful content and negative past experiences, which will boost your confidence and mental stability, enhance a deeper spiritual connection, as well as heal and strengthen your body tremendously.

Arrangement and Procedure

Our studio is located in Rancho Mirage, CA, in the Greater Palm Springs & Coachella Valley area; a safe, sunny, beautiful, and tranquil region with perfect weather almost all year long. We will work and follow a precise but flexible schedule, daily, in a small group (2 – 4 persons), 2.5 hours/day during the week/4 hours/day on the weekend (20.5 hours/week), still giving you some free time and the possibility to combine this workshop as a vacation with your partner or family. There are three different lengths to choose from (2, 3, or 4 weeks), depending on your needs, condition, time, and commitment. Although an extended period always gives you more support, training, and effectiveness, you will highly benefit from any length you choose. Pricing shown at the top/right includes the workshop with meditation, ice baths, exercises, teachings, art materials, transportation, entrance fee (Indian Canyons), drinks (detox), and 2-6 healthy, mostly vegan/vegetarian meals, as part of our educating show-cooking. Accommodation is not included. But the Greater Palm Springs area offers many possibilities, and we can assist in finding your perfect place near our studio. Having served as a professional paramedic, a first-aider is always with you. We set up new workshops by interest and on a first-come, first-serve basis during any season or holidays. So don’t hesitate to contact us with your date request and questions by email, phone, or in-person visit. We are happy to provide further information and answer any of your specific questions.

Kindest Regards,

Jens C Springmann