If we look at the practice of meditation from a distance, we notice that this process of rebalancing our body, mind and spirit is something natural. In fact, it is the most natural process for us human beings to recharge and recover. It takes place every night while we sleep. We rest our mind and body so that our spiritual body can connect and commune through a deep state with a power that has a great refreshing effect.
This daily reconnection with our inner source of life energy takes place unconsciously and has an utmost revitalizing impact. Many also know that a short nap or break throughout the day, where we close our eyes or gaze into a treetop in silence and privacy, can infuse peaceful energy and even ignite a spark of blissfulness inside of us. Without this natural process of rebalancing our mind and body, life would be impossible and a constant struggle.

Regeneration clearly is accessible to all of us, not just to those who actively practice a specific meditation routine. Yet, life and sleep can turn into a struggle as we start living too fast, too reckless, and clutter up inside with meaningless content following poor desires and goals. This inattentive living is then the opposite of rebalancing, caused by a behavior where we focus mainly on the outside, only on things and expressions around us. We compare and judge, not noticing that we have lost track of the most important connection: with our spiritual selves. Anxieties then find fertile soil, and suffering must occur to make us aware. This is entirely human; however, the possibility and choice of slowing down and rebalancing are as present and simple as they have been before.Finding our inner calm again doesn’t necessarily take mindful practices, just because our “mind is full.” It is then more about practicing mindlessness in a way that we “mind less,” meaning worry less about too many things with fear or excitement as their foundation.

Nobody chooses and absorbs information for us, and nobody steers our actions; we might be sensitive, but nobody can believe in something for us – our will and our belief are still our choices.
Meditation is a method of consciously executing the natural process of rebalancing body, mind, and spirit. It helps to nourish ourselves with creative and blissful life energy during challenging times. Nevertheless, we still have to slow down, let go, cleanse our inside and disconnect from the world, at least for a moment. Sometimes, the best meditation is to intuitively sense the right moment, then sit in stillness and enjoy your inner peace, simply letting the process of rebalancing happen by itself.
Everyone can easily start to implement 10-minute breaks into their daily routine, closing their eyes or contemplating the vastness of the sky while repeating simple words like: “Now, I want to be happy and free. I want to clear my sight and relax. I want to feel the bliss of my true spirit.” This practice almost seems too easy, and yet, it is through our willingness and in the stillness of our mind that our spirit can unfold its beauty, energy and delightfulness.