People often note…that mindfulness and constant meditation practices must take a lot of discipline. But still, the best meditation is the one you perform because you know that you will benefit from it and simply feel better, more joyful, and balanced. Is it then proper to speak of discipline, or is it then not an enjoyable treat?


Yet, at some point, devotion and discipline are essential if you want to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, beautiful experiences, and peaceful sensations.

It mainly takes discipline with just this ONE THING! You need to learn and practice how to NOT WORRY about everything your senses, mind, and ego pick up. This is not really SOMETHING to do; rather than achieving the capability of doing NOTHING out of something!


To keep it simple. Become the master of your mind – keep your soul pure – add value to your consciousness through meaningful content – be kind and accommodating – deny your negative ideas that arise from your ego by simply not believing in them.


Sometimes a strict NO to a negative thought and emotion is all it takes. Then move on with something enjoyable.