Spiral Drawing

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Spiral Drawing & Meditation Workshop

Spiral Drawing is another easy artistic technique, of which we will learn and practice the intuitive and freehand method. In this Workshop of combined Artwork and Meditation, we aim to relax our mind and detect unpleasant thoughts, which possibly will arise as we calm down inside. But we also want to learn the spiral drawing technique and be able to continue exercising it on our own. We will notice that with a busy mind, our lines will not be as precise as we want them to be. In order to receive a satisfying drawing, we must stay focused, and control our thoughts from taking over control – this will sharpen our concentration and can help us in many other situations. It is a process that takes place inside of us and will make us mentally strong if we are willing to free our mind from unpleasant thoughts.

If we practice diligently, we will soon be able to create fascinating drawings and increase patience, serenity, and firmness. But not just this, we will put a lot of positive effort and energy, through concentration, contemplation, and meditation, into these drawings; and alone viewing them will calm and relax us again and again. This workshop is great if you want to achieve more patience, calmness, and need stronger concentration.

Purpose and Assistance for:

  • Enhancement of Inner-Satisfaction
  • Mental Regeneration
  • Demanding Concentration
  • Stimulating Creativeness
  • Increase of Serenity and Calmness
  • Relief from a stressful daily routine
  • Improvement of Sleeping Quality

Session Components:

  • Guided Spiral Drawing
  • Small Guided Meditations
  • Soundbath

Session Length:


Pricing and Appointment:

  • Open/Private Group: $95/Person (max. 4)
  • Couples: $110/Person daytime – $140/Person evening
  • Individuals:  $160/Person daytime – $250/Person evening

Appointments can be set up flexible, in the early morning, evening, on weekends, and during holidays.

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