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Cold Exposure

Breathe, Freeze & Meditate – Workshop 

Cold Exposure, together with a proper breathing protocol, probably is the most underrated yet one highly effective body-mind-spiritual practice, that if you commit yourselves to it and implement it regularly, lets you greatly benefit – from a robust immune and vascular system, balanced biochemistry, improved mind-over-body and thought-emotion control, mental and physical strength on a higher level, to a stronger sense of inner joy, confidence, calmness, and peace, through deeper and easier access to your spirit within.

Even though cold exposure and powerful breathing are scientifically proven to make you ward off bacteria superiorly, increase your mental strength, improve your body’s thermoregulation, and uplift your energy level, it is still hardly used or accepted as an invigorating method. Is it too simple, too cheap yet astonishingly effective that it does not fit into the structure of established therapy? Cold exposure is one of the oldest and most natural ways to treat our mind and body, cleanse, and find relief. It is because of man’s evolution and aspiration for endless comfort that this ordinary treatment has become a forgotten gem.

“You might be frightened to get into the cold because from child on, we all were conditioned in a way to avoid the cold. We were told that we would get sick from it. Yet, for those who consciously enter and overcome the impact of the cold the opposite is the case. Through this method, you will strengthen your mental willpower and your body’s immune and cardiovascular system noticeably. It also reduces inner stress, which we will see in a calmer heart rate. You will be guided in easy, safe, and decisive steps and be stunned by this method’s capability of energizing you physically and mentally.”

In the guided Breathe – Freeze & Meditate Workshop, you will learn and experience more than just the basics of the cold exposure method and how this utmost natural approach lets you highly benefit on the three planes of body, mind, and spirit.

What we will do together:

  • Listen and learn the basic principles of mindfulness & meditation.
  • Learn and exercise a powerful breathing protocol that, by itself, reduces stress, improves concentration, and calms your body.
  • Write and implement your own mantra into the breathing practice.
  • Check your vital signs and see how your body reacts positively.
  • Learn all about and prepare for cold exposure, and execute it by getting into an ice bath.
  • Repeat the breathing exercise to warm up from the inside and internalize the method.
  • Enter a deeper state of inner calmness through guided meditation.
  • Learn how to best implement the method into your daily routine.

Purpose and Assistance for:

  • Enhancement of Inner-Satisfaction
  • Immune System Strengthening
  • Mental Regeneration and Body Relaxation
  • Increase of Willpower & Concentration
  • Reduction of Anxieties
  • Simplification of Spiritual Communion
  • Improvement of Sleeping Quality

Workshop Components:

  • Visualization
  • Mantra writing
  • Breathing Protocols + Exercise
  • Sounds
  • Check of Vital Signs
  • Ice Bath
  • Guided Meditation

Workshop Length:

3.5 h

Pricing & Levels:

  • Private Group/Couples: $160/Person (2 – 4 persons)
  • Individuals: $295 (one-on-one)

Water Temperature:

Level 1 / Beginner: 54 – 47 °F | 5 – 10 min
Level 2 / Intermediate: 47 – 41 °F | 5 – 10 min
Level 3 / Advanced: 41 – 36 °F | 5 – 15 min

Breathing Pause:

Level 1 / Beginner: 30 s – 90 s
Level 2 / Intermediate: 60 s – 120 s
Level 3 / Advanced: 90 s – 180 s


As a former professional paramedic, I am able to provide a safe and sophisticated experience.

Open Group Dates:

  • please ask for your preferred date