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Guided Group Meditation 

Our guided group meditation is for those who enjoy coming together and relaxing in a collective. The group dynamic in meditation is known to carry the potential to enhance mindful and spiritual growth and set calming and positive energies free. Our group session offer easy access without the need to make an appointment. Simply walk in and join as you feel the need. Please bring your own mat, pillow, and/or blanket. Join with a friend to make your first step easier. 

Occasionally we will combine our group meditation with a 432Hz crystal bowl sound bath.

“This guided meditation is simple, effective, and accompanied by peaceful sounds to create a harmonious atmosphere that you will enjoy. Sit down, lean back, or lay down, and let it all go. We will begin our meditation by taking the time to arrive and starting with a simple deep-breathing exercise to slowly soften up. I will then guide you through an autogenic meditation to calm your mind and relax your body. In our meditation, we will address body, mind, and spirit to enable the most effective result for ourselves. Reaching a warm and peaceful state, we will linger and enjoy the moment in silence. As we come to an end, we will affirm our life and the state of consciousness we want to develop and carry within us.”

Choose your preferred posture and meditation style:

  • Cross legged/Meditation Cushion
  • Lying/Yoga Mat/Blanket

Purpose and Assistance for:

  • Enhancement of Inner-Satisfaction
  • Mental Regeneration and Body Relaxation
  • Increase of Serenity and Calmness
  • Relief from a stressful daily routine
  • Improvement of Sleeping Quality

Session Components:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Sounds & Visuals
  • Breathing Exercise

Session Length:

45 min

Pricing and Appointment:

  • Open Group: $40/person
  • get 6 sessions, pay for 5 ($33/person)

Location and Date

Our group meditation occurs weekly, and does not require registration. Simply walk in and join as you feel the need. Please bring your own mat, pillow, and/or blanket.

“Please call for group meditation during summertime”