Good Sleep is a result. A result of our actions, mindset, and very important, of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings throughout our day, the week, the month, our lives.

If our Sleep is lacking, we should start searching for the root cause during that specific day by investigating our inside, our behavior, and emotions. But first, we need to understand better what “I am”. We have to recognize ourselves as multi-parted beings. “I am Spirit, Mind, Body, and Ego”. And each of these parts that let me be a human being need to be taken care of in its supposed way. We can not just live our life by following our Ego and taking care of our bodies. We will want to clear our minds from unpleasant thoughts, and step by step, get closer to consciously feeling our higher spirit within.

When the sun sets, and we want to rest, our lived day will be significant for our inner-satisfaction and the quality of our Sleep. This day, we chose ourselves or at least accepted it by simply letting it happen. If we really want to make a change to the life we experience and improve our Sleep, the following central questions can help us gain awareness if we are willing, honest and self-critical to ourselves:

  • Did I follow a self-determined occupation, which gave me pleasure?
  • Which influences and attractions did I expose myself to?
  • Which emotions did I carry inside of me?

Besides our basic needs and daily routine, it is our self-awareness, and the steps we make in developing our consciousness towards a purer and wiser one, that will lead us into the pathway of unconditional satisfaction and peaceful sleep. Consider these questions to help you realize where improvements can be made:

  • Did I, through self-recognition and self-awareness, stimulate and improve my own consciousness?
  • Did I stand by my inner-truth, as I was put to the test?
  • Did I find recovery in stillness and out of my inner-source?

All other actions we take that arise from our lower desires and imaginations can be completely meaningless when we need deep-rest, unconditional satisfaction, and revitalizing Sleep.

Life primarily is about improving our consciousness, gaining self-knowledge through self-awareness, and bringing all of this into expression. It is a pure mind, awareness of our higher spirit, and kind actions that will increase our inner-satisfaction and, with it, our Sleep. (Good Sleep 2/3 click here)