The Truth is within everyone. The Truth is unconditional; The Truth is happiness, precision, love, warmth, safety, peace, freedom, calmness, and compassion. It is the capability of forgivingness and unification. Yet, we are filled with concerns, worries, adverse thoughts, fear, poor imagination, and wrong beliefs, which contradict the perfection inside of us, so now the Truth has to await our recognition and remembrance.

The Truth gives us the right of volition and the power of choice, which, if we finally accept means, we are the creator of our emotions, experiences, health, and satisfaction. It gives us the power to shape our own world in the grade we believe in things.

But why is it, then, that we experience negative thoughts, emotions, and situations which we obviously do not want? Simply to cast them out of our inside, as they are still there if we feel deeply addressed and they still have the power to influence our emotions or even control our behavior. Freeing our Minds from adverse thoughts is the real work in faith we have to do firstly.

Like it or not, but nothing happens by chance. You either gave your permission to your experiences on a higher level, with the goal to step forward, find a more appropriate perspective, and to gain higher consciousness and knowledge of the Truth within you. Or very likely, you created this experience yourself through the power of your thought and emotion, as things become manifest on the outside as you deeply believe in them. All of this is based on your own will of moving forward in collecting the next piece and putting together your own puzzle of wisdom, pure virtues, and knowledge of the Truth. 

The image of happiness and satisfaction spread by society, media, fashion, food, and adventure influencers is most likely not where absolute joy is awaiting. It is the joy of imagination, ceasing over time, leaving you behind with disappointment, soon forcing you to find the next sensation and attraction to make you happy and busy again.


Sometimes the Truth can be a burden; it can hurt if overseen for too long. It will hurt to the degree it is ignored – Again, it is your utmost unconscious wish to find back to the source of your inner greatness, harmony, glory, and true identity.

The only reason why we do not perceive the Truth clearly is because, as humans, we are multi-parted beings, carrying Ego, Spirit, and Mind in our Body. Our Ego causes separation, constantly feeding us with negative thoughts; but without it, we could not exist as a human being and experience this world on earth. However, we shouldn’t take the chitchat of it too seriously. Our Spirit knows already; it is willing to direct us and keeps us connected and united with something Greater. And with our Mind, we should always strive to consciously find the perfect and individual balance in us to enjoy this life in the most constructive, creative, pleasant, happiest, and harmonious way.

We find balance if we

– take care of our Body

– dissolve separation and anxiety caused by our Ego,

– gain readiness through self-awareness in our Mind, to consciously search, connect

– and commune with the true beauty of our higher Spirit within.