Inner PEace

Reiki Energy Meditation

Deep Relaxation

Do you feel mentally errant, overstrained, stressed out, and as if you lost touch with your  “Real Me”?

In this advanced 3-stage Reiki Energy Meditation, you will be gently but effectively guided into a deep and astonishing state of inner peace and clarity. It indeed carries the power to direct you toward your true self and provides aid in finding curative insights and creative, innovative solutions. Simply speaking, this meditation can act as a sublime reminder of your own inner connection to the cosmic life energy that has not left you but merely became narrowed by the experiences of your past and adverse polarization. Yet, your inner energetic well can never wholly run dry and, at any time, be cleansed and reactivated.

Whether you are a meditation beginner, a believer, or already follow a regular mindful-meditation practice, the Reiki Energy Meditation will support you in moving beyond your limitations and imagination. You will be navigated toward the essence of your true inner self and internal positive energy field through a superior one-directional energy flow.

This 3-step course (3 sessions) is a safe and effective way to guide you toward your “Real Me”, as it allows you to uncover and embrace your inner energy field gradually:

The Preliminary Session makes it easy for you to arrive, understand the process, and reduce your egoic resistance. You will experience your first guided Reiki Energy Meditation that allows us to connect and trust each other’s presence well.

The Immersive Session will aid you in finding that deeper inner connection and is already a delightful and deep experience. In many cases, this second session can unveil subconscious tiredness. You have to understand that this weariness results from your actual and possibly stressed way of moving through your life or shallow sleep over a longer period of time. You will most likely experience better, deeper, and longer sleep that night.

The Unifying Session will, in consideration of your evolutionary state, gently lead you toward the conscious communion with your true self in a magnificent, joyful, and blissful way. Some have described this state as a profound, compelling, centering, floating, or transcendental state.

Knowing your inner source of comfort and positive energy can give you the orientation in life you have been searching for.  And consciously connecting to this place of shelter, comfort, revitalization, and unconditional peace within you is where you find the strength, confidence, and energy to prosper within your life again. Such a momentary and clarifying state can be of tremendous support in realigning your energy level, as well as reconsidering your goals through deeper self-realization. 


  • Enhancement of Inner-Satisfaction
  • Mental Regeneration and Body Relaxation
  • Increase of Serenity and Calmness
  • Energetic Cleansing & Realignment
  • Reconnecting with your  “Real Me

Session Components:

  • Advanced Guided Meditation
  • Superior One-directional Energy Flow
  • Sounds & Visualization
  • Reiki Energy
  • Floating

Session Length:

3x 60 min 

Pricing for 3 sessions:

  • Couples: $270/person ($90/person/session)
  • One-on-One: $375/person ($125/session)
  • Safe Home-Visit: extra $5/mile (within 10 miles of RM)

How to Prepare

Avoid filling your mind with unnecessary information. Avoid high fructose corn syrup, sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. Avoid chattering and connecting with others before the sessions, and instead, bring yourself into a calm state by relaxing, enjoying a cup of herbal tea, or taking a walk in nature. This service is not recommended while you are on prescribed psychotropic drugs, as these will suppress your sensation, insights, and the experience as a whole.


Experiences may vary depending on your condition but it will be, without exaggeration, exceedingly clarifying, serene, eye-opening, and centering.

Please send us a message or email if you have specific questions, so that they can be answered directly and accurately by your practitioner Jens.