In order to experience my True Identity, which is my Spiritual Being, I must choose to do so, and with this choice, I have to free my Mind as a first step. In fact, it takes almost nothing to experience my Spiritual Identity, but that is the point. Nothing means: no adverse thoughts, no worries, no imagination, Stillness, and this again means to accomplish a free and calm Mind. So, besides my will, choice, and, of course, faith in something Greater, a Pure Mind is what I wish to achieve. In communion with the Greater Power, to which I then can connect through my Spiritual Being, I will find Unconditional Peace, Safety, and Harmony. It will enlighten me with Love, Inner-Calmness, and Warmth.

This is what we all are looking for, and what will let us experience the condition and life we truly want to be in and live. But we often fail to connect to our Inner-Source because of the noise in our head, the loud voice of our Ego, the wrong imaginations, the fearful and negative thoughts. If we manage to calm and slow down, release stress and tension, our hearts will open up, and we will be able to hear the beautiful sound of our True Self. Then our prayers, concerns, and questions will be heard and answered, and we will be able to see and reach Better Solutions, Peace of Mind, and True Satisfaction


How busy is my Mind? 


What do I do to free my Mind? 


How ambitious am I in trying?