By finally accepting ourselves as multi-parted beings – Spirit, Mind, Body, and Ego – our perspective will be a much more precise one. We can then find out ourselves by investigating our actions, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, which voice inside of us we mainly follow. Are we in a healthy balance? Am I in my personal balance that is right for me? Do I treat my Mind and Body well? Am I strong enough to recognize my Egos voice and deny it? Do I use self-awareness to develop my mind towards a more pure and kind one, which lets me feel unconditional satisfaction through my higher spirit – my true self? 


 Therefore, I check my manner, my mindset, and I reflect:

Did I follow a self-determined occupation, which gave me pleasure?

Do I have a job that makes me happy? What do I do in my free time? Do my hobbies satisfy me?


Which influences and attractions did I expose myself to?

How many negative headlines do I read or watch for sensation or excitement? How much time do I spend listening to music or the radio, watching tv, doing social media, or other things on my smartphone/tablet/pc? Are my surroundings calm or loud? Do I spend time in nature?


Which emotions did I carry inside of me?

How often do I feel angry, disappointed, sad, lonely, or aggressive inside? Am I joyful, free, happy, and satisfied? Where do my positive emotions come from?


Did I, through self-recognition and self-awareness, stimulate and improve my own consciousness?

Do I detect negative, fearful thoughts inside me and change my perspective towards a positive and peaceful one, by denying these adverse thought patterns? Do I ask my higher spirit within to support me in doing so? Do I know that my higher spirit is just waiting for me to do exactly this?


Did I stand by my inner-truth as I was put to the test?

Do I share my peaceful perspective with others, even though it will likely cause a discussion? Am I confident enough to calmly stand by my peaceful opinion?


Did I find recovery in stillness and out of my inner-source?

How much time do I spend in stillness, just sitting calm and clearing out negative thoughts, speaking some true, kind, and affirming words to myself?


Once again, the quality of my Sleep and my overall inner satisfaction are a result of me being in perfect balance and remembering my true identity. Yes, I will have to do something myself to achieve it! Now, I will give it a try and see how tranquil I will soon feel and sleep.