We still demonstrate success by showing off growth, mainly profit. How useless this is, shows when we experience discontent or pain. Today we can easily see that our material growth is not in balance with the mental and social evolution in society, according to material wealth and in recognizing us as one nation. There also seems to be a lack of awareness and mindfulness for the true meaning of life. This is mainly caused by not respecting and seeing ourselves as multipart beings with the need for inner clearing and nurturing by improving our consciousness with a more peaceful point of view.  However, clearing out fearful thoughts is something highly satisfying.

By focusing mainly on material growth and losing track of sanity and the deeper reason for life, we not only harm our mind and body, but also the environment of this beautiful planet. We should awaken to the fact that we can not grow with the same speed and intensity of the last 150 years any longer. Also, people are driven by existential fear, and that is an unfortunate burden for us to carry. Spirit and Nature will force us to make a stop, and it shouldn’t be a more sudden one than we are already experiencing right now. Therefore, we should prepare better by developing a more intelligent economic system. Ours is wobbling. It is time to think outside of the box more comprehensively. We all know communism doesn’t work, and capitalism can be adverse if out of balance, too. Maybe the solution is in the middle as a combination?

What about the idea of an unconditional basic income? An income every human receives to exist without being in fear of not surviving. Not as a replacement for our jobs, but on top. Just as much that it will be spent and is the fundament in the national economic system – to help each individual, but also businesses and governments to have a better countable basis. Couldn’t that mean real wealth and safety? Try to see this without worries, and it seems to be the solution we need. One that can help us slow and calm down and feel more confident, and focus on more meaningful things in life. It would decrease not only poverty and theft, but also sickness. We would have the favor of taking longer breaks to recover without being in fear and more time to reflect upon ourselves.

We shouldn’t worry about a change that seems unclear because we will adjust to the circumstances around us. This is part of human evolution. But waiting too long to make a change will cause pain, and therefore, we should step up and overcome our ignorance and idleness. Then, our ideas and actions should always be based on humility, compassion, and affection, and not so much on protecting old establishments.