Today our purpose of eating has changed. Not only the purpose but also the ingredients we eat have changed. Most of our foods are processed industrially with many chemical additives, for growing, raising, preserving, and enriching. We eat and gather, we eat for pleasure, sometimes for amusement, even if we are not hungry. We talk and eat, enjoy the taste, and don’t notice that we overeat too often. We eat so much that we harm our bodies. Enough said. We all know of it. But why can’t we change it? Why does it seem so difficult? Why has it become so easy to eat unhealthily?

We have a choice. I, by myself, decide what to buy and eat. It is up to me, and the supply of food will change over time by my choice and the others around me. So, why and how do I eat? The following can help to rethink and change our way of eating:

Eat when you are hungry – It is fundamental that we should eat when we are hungry for the purpose of nourishing and strengthening our bodies. We should find out ourselves when the moment is right for us to eat. Our digestion and organs are designed to work perfectly. But there is a precise order in our excellent digestive system, and the start-signal in this perfect sequence is given by ourselves when we are hungry. This is a very simple fact, but not to be underrated.


Eat in a calm condition and surrounding – Try to be quiet while eating; no phone, tv, newspaper, or chattering. Relax before eating; enjoy a moment of stillness before you start. Eat and chew slowly. The way you eat is as meaningful as what you eat! Try it.


Eat what you like – But choose the ingredients wisely and humanly. There is nothing wrong with eating meat, for the ones that like it, but in moderation. We should handle and take care of the animals in a more kind way. This would be easier if we’d start eating just half the amount of meat. Stables would have more room for the animals and wouldn’t need to raise the animals as fast, with too many hormones. But also for our fruits and vegetables, it is smart not to add too many chemicals to fertilize and preserve. Let nature do it for us, and let us try to buy more regional and seasonal.


Watch your Nutrition-Energy-Balance – Our foods and drinks contain an enormous amount of energy. Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Caffeine are added in huge amounts (in the US average sugar consumption/person is 3-times higher than advised). Learn how to keep an eye on the energy balance between your food and your bodily energy use. Having Donuts and coffee, then trying to sit still at your desk, might not be the smartest thing to do. Watch your children’s nutrition balance too! The energy you consume through your food has to go somewhere! If you don’t move much, your body doesn’t need as much food as a lumberjack.

If you want to make a change to your nutrition, you can do it! Don’t make it special; keep it simple and suitable for every day.


– There are times where we live in such strain, fear, and under pressure that our condition interferes with our eating and digestion. We should then not try to sate ourselves through eating, but instead, reflect and take care of what is going on inside us. –