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Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop with Ceremony

“Do you feel like things aren’t the way you would like them to be? Can’t you see for yourself what needs to be changed? Can you notice that your body and mind seek to slow down? Are you unsure how to purify your soul? Would you like to walk the path of inner freedom and purpose steadfastly?”

In our mindfulness & meditation workshop, you will learn practical techniques that will aid you with finding curative insights and connecting to your inner spirit. You will receive support in overcoming trauma and be instilled with a calmness that will allow you to enter a state of elevated awareness. Especially in our meditations and evening spiritual ceremony, we will enter a deeper state of consciousness, in which you can create a new, forgiving, more positive, and peaceful perspective of your negative past, difficult obstacles in front of you, or your fear of the unknown. Glorious peace shall enter you and remind you of your true self inside, which has never left you and simply is awaiting your remembrance and communion. This might just be a spark, yet, powerful enough to feel that inner unconditional satisfaction, help cleanse your inside and see a more meaningful path for your future, which you most likely will want to continue.

Your intentions, openness to gain insights, and readiness to let go are the center of this workshop and ceremony; Your sincerity and devotion vital requirements. Together with mindful practices, sounds, meditative exercises, spiritual rituals, as well as my guidance, meditation, and prayer, you will be able to dive into a space in which you will feel safe, at peace, and open-minded to find clarifying answers. The internal work and self-realization have to be done by yourself, but my support and your feeling will help show you the right way and make your journey as pleasant as possible. And if the moment is right, this can be an essential, eye-opening, and truly peaceful experience.

The ceremony contains a mixture of rituals, songs, prayers, pranayamas, and movements from different traditions and beliefs, that are most effective, including spiritual and mindful exemplifications, guided meditation, calming breathing techniques, as well as silence and praying your own mantras. The highlight is a personalized one-on-one prayer-meditation that aims to help you distinguish your true path from your illusionary concepts by sensing a profound state of peace when reflecting your choices.

The workshop takes place in a small group (of 5 -15 participants). It contains several guided meditations, an introduction to transcendental & third eye meditation, karma & the golden rule, a variety of mindful techniques, detailed breathwork, intention setting, creating and praying your mantra, an easy nature hike, a gentle yoga session, meditative singing, vegan lunch and snacks, and integration talk. This is an ideal way to empty and rebalance your body, mind, and soul for the evening ceremony and learn techniques that are easy to continue afterward. These can from then on, be your anchor during challenging times.


  • Enhancement of Inner-Satisfaction
  • Mental Regeneration and Body Relaxation
  • Increase of Serenity and Calmness
  • Finding Deeper Insights
  • Clarity & Self-Realization
  • Achieving Spiritual Communion & Deep Relaxation
  • Mental and Spiritual Cleansing
  • Detecting and Dissolving Deep-seated Blockades
  • Discovering the Avenue to your True Self
  • Detecting and Dissolving Inherited Family Affairs
  • Preparing/Integrating for/from an ayahuasca retreat

Session Components:

  • Arrival, Welcoming, Recommendations
  • Setting Intentions
  • Creating Personalized Mantras
  • Guided Meditation
  • Introduction to Transcendental Meditation
  • Pineal Gland/Third Eye Meditation
  • Silence & Electronic Diet
  • Small Group Exercises
  • Introduction to “the 8 Principles of Yoga”
  • Gentle Yoga Session
  • Mindful Practices
  • Modern Meditative Singing
  • Spiritual Guidance & Prayer
  • One-on-one Meditation-Prayer
  • Nature Hike & Outdoor Meditation
  • Detailed Breathwork
  • Vegan Lunch, Breakfast, Snacks, Smoothies, Tea
  • Integration Talk

Pricing and Appointment:

  • open group: $525/person
  • private workshop & ceremony available

Dates, Length, & Availability:

  • Saturday 9 am – Sunday 3 pm
  • to be determined

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, learn more about the ceremony options, to request a detailed itinerary, or to book your retreat. We are happy to provide further information and answer any of your specific questions. (Please check your spam folder after you sent your inquiry for our reply.)

Your Facilitator:

My name is Jens (“Yenz”), and I will be your facilitator, motivator, and guide for most of the workshop. Together we will persevere, endure, transcend, and enjoy our workshop and ceremony. The techniques taught in this workshop are holistic, effective, and practical.  And if I had not been in a similar situation as you might be right now myself, I wouldn’t have been able to test, heal, affirm these methods, and establish them as a completion. The workshop and ceremony consist only of the techniques that I have found for myself to definitely carry the potential to promote rebalancing on the three planes of body, mind, and soul.

Nevertheless, it takes your personal readiness, commitment, and willingness to make a change inside. Then, together with your hope and desire for amendment, we will ignite your inner spark and lighten it up again to that fire you did not lose but quench through a delusion of disappointment, pain, fear, and ignorance. Through this workshop and ceremony you can reach your next level of inner well-being and experience a profound connection to your spirit within – allowing you to find answers and deeper insights. Consciously connecting with your heart space and to experience comfort and peace, then when you seek it, will be one of your highest possible achievements.

Having served as a professional paramedic, being a certified meditation & mindfulness teacher, and having experienced life-changing, transcendental samadhi states myself, I represent characteristics to provide a safe and sophisticated, as well as down-to-earth, hands-on, and unique workshop that can stimulate a positive mindset and deeper state of inner peace.

Wishing you a peaceful journey,

Jens C Springmann

Arrangement and Procedure

The workshop & ceremony will take place in Palm Desert, CA, at “The Center for the Arts” – a spacious facility that allows us to have enough room to spread, but also to interact as a group. We will work, follow a schedule, and interact in small groups (of 3 – 5 persons) with free time for you to sit in silence, reflect, and determine your biggest questions. Pricing shown at the top/right includes the workshop, retreat with meditations, exercises, teachings, workshop brochure, drinks (water, tea, smoothies), comfortable/thick mattress and blanket, vegan lunch, light breakfast, snacks, and the evening ceremony. Accommodation is not explicitly included. However, some of you might fall asleep during the ceremony and are welcome to remain in the center throughout the night. The ceremony will take place until late into the night, so that you might not need any accommodation. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email, phone, or in-person visit. We are happy to provide further information like the itinerary or options for the ceremony, and to help you register. (Please check your spam folder after you sent your inquiry for our reply.)

What to bring:

Besides your intentions, burdens, and questions you may bring:

  • A pillow/cushion, your favorite blanket, yoga mat, yoga block, towel, whatever it takes to make a comfortable nest, water bottle
  • A candle or small LED light (with battery), crystals, a picture of “your” guru or saint, or sage, a talisman, etc.: to set up a small altar
  • A paper notebook and pen for journaling, questions, notes
  • Comfortable clothing (light colors) for the ceremony, socks, running/hiking shoes, sun hat, earplugs, small flashlight, backpack
  • We will avoid electronics during the retreat to emphasize the best possible experience.

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Mixed Testimonials


“What an AMAZING experience! My husband and I had the best time — Jens has such a calming presence and with his guidance we really were able to let go and completely zone out.”




From our first step through the door, Jens’s calm demeanor put us at peace. Jens guided us in a meditation that connected us to nature and gave us the gift of a calmer mind.”




“Jens is lovely, talented, and a great host/meditation guide. My husband and I had a blast and felt rejuvenated afterward.”


“This was an amazing “time out” to relax, center and be in nature. Highly recommended!”


“Jens has the voice and demeanor of an enlightened sage on a mountaintop. His guided meditation, including the use of visuals, was very relaxing allowing me to feel into my creative spirit.”


“Jens use of sight, sound and smell to complement his guided meditations creates a full immersive experience and is very impactful.”


“Our soundbath meditation with Jens was exceedingly lovely. He was warm and welcoming and put us at ease the moment we arrived. I cannot recommend this experience and Jens enough. We will definitely be back.”



Jacqueline & Claire

The minute you walk into Jens’ studio you start to relax. He creates such a warm and inviting atmosphere.


“Jens was a genuine meditation master! My wife and I were extremely impressed with his enormous knowledge and care.”


Jens created an amazing thoughtful experience, and expertly guided us.


Jens’ studio is clean and he kindly provides beverages as well. The meditation was so soothing and relaxing.


Jens has a calming aura about himself and makes you feel welcome & at ease.”

Anne & Brock

“Jens has a wonderful presence and is a kind and patient person from whom to learn new things. We loved our time at the studio!


“This was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to everyone! Very relaxing, and calming.”


The meditation was so relaxing and something we had never done before. Overall – amazing experience!!


“Jens first taught us some meditation/mindfulness techniques and then led us in a meditation in nature that was truly magical. We highly recommend this experience with Jens!”


I loved the meditative hike with Jens! He focused on my goals and what I wanted out of the meditation, plus the hike was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the experience so much, I came back the next day to do his painting and mediation class.


My wife and I enjoyed the meditation and it was sure very relaxing for us.


Highly recommended. I left feeling calm and happy! Jens is a great teacher and I loved the guided meditation. Just perfect!


“Amazing time! Peaceful and creative! Jens is a gentleman.”


The meditation was so soothing and tranquil. Highly recommend!


Jens took the group on a nice hike and led a meditation that helped me be present and enjoy nature.


“Had a great time meditating and being creative! Very relaxing and overall great experience.”


If you are looking for a very unique experience, this is for you. Jens is a terrific host who is very patient and caring. I highly recommend!!