Satisfied Being


Sich selbst Finden

Self-Critical Impulse

In our highly educated and performance-orientated society, life regarding mental and spiritual development through self-awareness, seems to get more and more difficult. It is demanded of us to function properly, to be successful, to join along with everything that is accepted by society and suggested by the media, and we should not dare to dance out of line. We try so hard to show a good picture of ourselves to the environment, not noticing that to often it is made up and not the truth of our emotions we carry within ourselves. We labor more than it does well to ourselves, and we tend to overlook and repress the signals our body is showing us, considering them to be fortuitous. Almost daily, we are overstrung by the information-overload that is pounding on us through many channels and environments. We feel distracted and not able to grasp our own and meaningful thoughts, and suddenly feel dissatisfied without being able to explain its cause. The expression of being exhausted is too often judged negatively by our environment, and it feels like many fingers are pointing at us. Many days appear to be dismal, as if we were performing in a rat race, chasing the dollar, consuming, following the crowd and fighting symptoms, without even trying to have a look at the root causes.


“Dieses Gerede von deinem wahren Zustand wird dir im Augenblick nicht weiterhelfen.

Doch keiner ist ohne dieses höhere Ich, viele von uns haben lediglich einen dunklen Schleier darübergelegt.” 

Now reaching and realizing this point, we should set a change in motion, at least initiating it by desiring a more pleasant condition. We must try and find our personal balance by considering us being body, mind, and spirit, and we must focus on the transformation we can achieve ourselves, without blaming others for the situation we experience. The decision to develop and strengthen our consciousness and by doing so, reaching a higher level of freedom and inner-peace, is one we need to make ourselves. We are the ones that have to make this choice of change, and we are capable of doing so in every moment, right now. It just takes readiness and willingness to let the seeds of transformation, movement, and harmony fall in ourselves and grow. We will then receive and perceive the hints that come along with this willingness, and our effort will lead us towards the unconditional happiness we are all seeking.


“Über allen anderen Tugenden steht eines:

Das beständige Streben nach oben, das Ringen mit sich selbst, das unersättliche Verlangen nach größerer Reinheit, Weisheit, Güte und Liebe.”


Guiding Words

When the sun sets, and we want to come to rest, our lived day will be significant for our inner-satisfaction, as well as for the night and quality of our sleep. This day, we chose ourselves or at least accepted it, by simply letting it happen. If we want to make a change to our emotions and the life we experience, the following central questions can help us gain awareness if we are willing, honest, and self-critical enough:

  • Did I follow a self-determined occupation, which gave me pleasure?
  • Which influences and attractions did I expose myself to?
  • Which emotions did I carry inside of me?

Besides our basic needs and daily routine, it is our self-awareness, and the steps we make in developing our consciousness towards a more clear and wise one, that will lead us into the pathway of unconditional satisfaction. Consider these questions to help you realize where improvements can be made:

  • Did I, through self-recognition and self-awareness, stimulate and improve my own consciousness or help my fellow man to do so?
  • Did I stand by my inner-truth, as I was put to the touch?
  • Did I find recovery in stillness and out of my inner-source?

All other values that arise from our mind, imagination, or material possession can be, at a certain point in life, absolutely meaningless when we need deep-rest, unconditional satisfaction, wholesomeness, and inner-peace. Life primarily is about grading up our consciousness, gaining self-knowledge through self-awareness, and bringing all of this into expression. This is what will lead us to true satisfaction. 

From whom we learn?

Mostly we will start our lives being born into a family, a neighborhood, a city, a country, where we will attend a school, find friends and leisure activities, and choose an occupation. And through all the above mentioned, we will be influenced by the existing way of living, traditions, religions, and thinking that comes along with the people, society, and the atmosphere they generate. We will start doing what we see and are taught, and we will adopt not only the positive. But as we grow up, we will have a free will and the possibility of self-choice. It is not an easy task to find one’s personal balance and desired pathway of life, because the influence in those early years can be a heavy load to straighten out or even get rid of. But we can improve and grow our own attitude if we finally take over the responsibility for our lives and emotions and listen to our inside voice, the one that speaks more quietly and shows us opportunities, lets us feel creativity, harmony, peace, and unity. We are the ones to choose and belief, whatever is set in front of us. We can decide to either belief or deny anything, and we should always regard our feelings that come along with whatever situation or imagination it may be. Fear, Threat, Anxiety, Separation, Grief, Hate, Violence, will always be destructive and untrue values. These we will want to deny by simply not believing in them and also by changing the feelings inside of us, that let us feel addressed. 

Volition and Will

There is no such thing as heteronomy. We might need to make compromises, but never must we live something we absolutely deny, since we can always change our inner-belief, regardless of the conditions. There is always a pathway that will suit our consciousness if we only seek and try. We will also meet situations in life, of which we will not be pleased and all our strength is required. But we should keep in mind that everything set before us, we can accomplish. We just need to be willing, open our hearts, and try to find an appropriate point of view. If we finally consider life to be about achieving higher consciousness, all will make so much more sense. There are plenty of demonstrations made on this planet, where fellow men make ingenious steps and overcome the difficulties set in front of them. Why don’t we follow, try, and experience what it will feel like to accomplish mental obstacles within ourselves? We all have done it before, and we shouldn’t shy away from the next step. 


“Erkenne in der Angst eine Wahl, die du irrtümlich auf geistiger Ebene getroffen hast. Jetzt besinne dich auf deine wahre Größe, in der keine Angst eine Berechtigung finden kann.”

Ulla Michalscheck

We are the ones that decide to listen either to the voice of our perfect spirit, follow the creativity and imagination of our mind, or the poor desires of our ego. If we choose to resign and follow neither one or only the anxious voice of separation, we will not meet happiness. Suffering will occur, not as a punishment, but to drive us into a more balanced way of thinking and living. Therefore, we must learn to recognize and distinguish these voices within ourselves and follow the thoughts and emotions back to their source. We will need to feel and detect negativity, separation, and fear, which will then enable us to deny the thoughts that arise from this part in us. If we are too slothful about doing this, suffering will occur. If we suppress this suffering, bigger suffering will occur, not as a punishment, but as our own utmost will and regarding our full encouragement to make a change. The world we experience is simply the expression of our own inner mental images. They are too often improvable, and that is what every person will need to do; transform the harmful and negative thought patterns and mental images that hinder ourselves from being happy and free. It is like eating an elephant; we will have to do so, one bite at a time. But we will have to start someday, and we shouldn’t wait until pain and grief takes over control of our body and mind. Let inner-peace and unconditional happiness be the aspiration to make improvements and not an unpleasant condition. But if darkness and morbidity grow, they can still be a great motivation to make a change, and finally drive us to the beauty and glory that is waiting nowhere else, but in the center of our being. If we accept life being about developing and improving our consciousness, then it will be easier to understand why things happen, and that it is necessary to take the steps to overcome these obstacles by ourselves, through self-choice and will. All of this is a chance to correct our wrong desires and attitude; why not try this way of clearing ours inside from unpleasant emotions? It only takes our readiness and willingness, and we can’t escape from this duty anyway.

Love or fear, Truth or untruth, Peace or disturbance, Confidence or distrust, Faith or unbelief, Certainty or uncertainty, Unity or separation? There are only two clear choices we can make, and life will bring up many situations for us, where we will have to decide what we want to believe. These will be situations where we can develop our consciousness by making the right choice. We will still want to perceive our fears, but only to deny them consciously, by willing to make a change and opening our hearts to enable us to fulfill a transformation. More and more of these transformations will lead us towards noble virtues of wisdom, safety, peace, unity, glory, and the promised unconditional satisfaction. Fear and anxiety will cease.

It does not matter at all where you are right now, but your readiness and will to improve your consciousness by taking this duty through self-awareness is what will let you free your mind. There can not be any wonder or release of our illusions, not through outer facts and not through our death. There will be no savior to free our minds, but only we can do so by ourselves. Many have proven this to be the way. Let us start with the low hanging fruits; there are tasks in every one of us, let us begin now, continue daily, one bite at a time.