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Life Coaching

If we assume that life really is more about being satisfied within ourselves, rather than following material possessions and the poor desires of our ego, the question will come up, how to achieve this unconditional inner-calmness and peace. Through meditation, we can get in touch and feel a breeze of our higher spirit, which will remind us of what we are searching for. This tranquil state can be an initial spark to motivate ourselves to reach a higher consciousness. Overall, we are seeking not only for true satisfaction but also for noble virtues that we want to develop, live and express through our being. This ideally is the true meaning of life, considering that we may not be perfect at all right now but surely want to strive towards these lordly values such as purity, gentleness, humility, magnificence, feeling of unity, and the capability of forgiveness. We will want to do this, not to let us be in the limelight, but simply because we consider this inner-satisfaction to be our true state of being. It will enrich us, and we will earn the fruits of our efforts, by feeling inner-peace in such a beautiful way we aren’t able to imagine at this point.

In our life coaching, we will define your personal target state together, and we will work through the mental obstacles that hinder you from reaching this state of inner peace and satisfaction. One step at a time, to ensure that these steps are steadfast. We should always keep in mind that our outside world is simply an expression of the mental inner-images we believe in. This is why we need to clear up ourselves from false and harmful patterns that are hidden and unconsciously stuck inside of us.

We will start every session with a beautiful meditation, which will bring us into a calm state. Together we will then have a look at your target state and the condition you are in right now. We will carve out the root cause and try to find a more pleasant point of view, which will enable you to clear this false belief. This is something you will have to do. You will only be able to achieve a lasting result if you recognize and realize your illusion by yourself. Nobody can change your mindset, except yourself. I will repeat this many times since it is the only way for you to accomplish and reach your desired target state, that feeling of inner peace, warmth, and security. It is essential that you gain self-knowledge, find to your own truth, and by doing so, increase your inner-confidence. I am here to guide you and offer you a more appropriate view, which will help to make your self-recognition as easy as possible. You will not regret it and soon enjoy your effort.

Purpose and Assistance for:

  • Mental Regeneration and Body Relaxation
  • Detection of deep-seated blockades
  • Improvement of Sleeping Quality
  • Constructive Handling of anxiety and fears
  • Growth of Consciousness through Self-Awareness
  • Guidance in gaining Self-Knowledge
  • Conflict Resolution through Self-Correction of Perspective
  • Finding and Feeling of Absolute Joy

Session Components:

  • Meditation for Mind Relaxation – 15 min
  • Guided Stillness Meditation – 15 min
  • Meditation for Body Relaxation – 15 min
  • Easy Body Stretching – 15 min
  • Open Conversation – 15 min
  • Mindful Exemplification – 15 min
  • Spiritual Exemplification – 15 min
  • Inward Looking & Reflection – 30 min
  • Target State Coaching – 30 min

Session Length:

45 – 75 min

Pricing and Appointment:

  • Individuals: $145/Person daytime – $215/Person evening
  • Couples: $80/Person daytime – $125/Person evening
  • Home-Visit: extra $5/mile distance
  • Buy 5 get 6 – Bonus Card

Prices vary and depend on the time of day. Appointments can be set up flexible, in the early morning, evening, on weekends, and during holidays. Home-Visits are available.

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