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Initiation Ritual


Spiritual Initiation

The motivation in finding our true self often has its source in a painful or saturated state of being which we no longer want to experience. Our discontent can activate our readiness to improve our consciousness level, and therefore, is to be perceived as something absolutely beneficial. But we often resign because we have forgotten the sound and beauty of our true identity within, and at some point, we simply do not know what exactly we are seeking. Too many worries and poor desires have filled our minds, leaving no space for harmony, warmth, and true safety. Yet, the greatness and perfection are still there, awaiting our readiness to surrender our weakness and awaken to this pathway of happiness and unconditional satisfaction within.

In the initiation session, I will directly address your true self, what will ignite your inner light of absolute peace. Even though you might be cluttered up with doubts, my words have the power to dissolve them, and in the end, you will open the door to your higher spirit by yourself by declaring your readiness and willingness. Feeling that breeze of your true identity will calm your mind and relax your body, as it contains excellent healing potential to set your soul free. The experience of this pleasant condition, but also knowing the location of where to find all of this, will from now on help you to commune with your inner source of warmth on your own. Your knowledge and your desire to commune with unconditional love and harmony that lay within the center of your being will then be your incitement to step forward and no longer a painful state you want to escape. This can be a new starting point in your life, changing your overall perspective and mindset to everything, as it gives you the chance to see clearly, choose, and improve by yourself!

Your ongoing strive for wisdom, pureness, and higher consciousness will not cease immediately, but knowing your destination gives you the orientation in life that you have been searching for. Connecting to this place of shelter, rest, revitalization, and unconditional peace within you is where all the positive energy for your life comes from. Give it a try and no longer postpone access to a life rich in freedom, peace, and true satisfaction.

If you allow and open up, I will spare no effort to help you feel the warmth and harmony of your true identity that has never left you and is merely awaiting your remembrance and communion.


  • Enhancement of Inner-Satisfaction
  • Mental Regeneration and Body Relaxation
  • Increase of Serenity and Calmness
  • Touching your True Self

Session Components:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Sounds & Images
  • Spiritual Initiation

Session Length:

1.5 h 

Pricing and Appointment:

  • Couples: $145/person
  • One-on-One: $225/person
  • Safe Home-visit: extra $5/mile

Appointments can be set up flexible, in the early morning, evening, on weekends, and during holidays.

How to prepare

Avoid filling your mind with unnecessary information.
Avoid high fructose corn syrup, sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. Avoid chattering and connecting with others, and instead, bring yourself into a calm state by relaxing, enjoying a cup of herbal tea, or taking a walk in nature.