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Guided Meditation

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Guided Meditation

For the ones who want to enjoy a relaxing and tranquil meditation, finding deep-rest along with revitalization, the guided meditation is the way to start. It is simple, effective, and accompanied by peaceful sounds and images, designed to create a harmonious atmosphere that you will enjoy. Sit down, lean back, or lay down, and let go. 

We will begin the meditation by taking time to arrive and starting with a simple deep-breathing exercise. As you begin to soften up, I will guide you through an autogenic meditation intended to calm your mind and relax your body. In this meditation, I will address body, mind, and spirit to enable the most effective result for ourselves. Reaching a warm and peaceful state, we will linger and enjoy the moment in silence. As we come to an end, we will affirm our life and the state of consciousness we want to develop and carry within us. Give it a try and see how capable you are of feeling your inner-peace and energy field again.

Choose your preferred posture and meditation style:

  • Seated/Chair
  • Seated/Meditation Cushion
  • Lying/Yoga Mat/Blanket

We offer a variety of meditation styles and themes: 

  • “Before/After Work” Meditation
  • “Waking-up – Early Morning” Meditation
  • “Feel Good” Meditation
  • “Pineal Gland” Meditation
  • “Breathing & Concentration” Meditation
  • “Letting Go – Renewal” Meditation
  • “Advanced Transcendental” Meditation
  • “Sports – Performance” Meditation
  • “Mind Clearing” Meditation
  • “Silent Guided” Meditation
  • “Deep Rest” Meditation
  • “Good Sleep” Meditation
  • “Spiritual” Meditation
  • “Early Christianity influenced” Meditation
  • “Native American influenced” Meditation

Purpose and Assistance for:

  • Enhancement of Inner-Satisfaction
  • Mental Regeneration and Body Relaxation
  • Increase of Serenity and Calmness
  • Relief from a stressful daily routine
  • Improvement of Sleeping Quality

Session Components:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Sounds
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Visualization

Session Length:

45 min

Pricing and Appointment:

  • One-on-One: $125
  • Couples: $75/Person
  • Private Group: $45/Person
  • Safe Home-visit: 5$/mile

Appointments can be set up flexible, in the early morning, evening, on weekends, and during holidays.