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The Beautiful Meditation Online & Live via Zoom –

Do you want to enjoy a relaxing and tranquil meditation, finding deep-rest along with revitalization? Then our “beautiful meditation” is the way to go. It is simple, guided, and accompanied by peaceful sounds and images, designed to calm your mind and relax your body. Simply lean back, listen and enjoy. This Meditation is live, online, and anonymous.

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The interactive Beautiful Meditation Online & Live via Zoom – 

This Beautiful Meditation is combined with anonymous interaction. You are able to place your questions/doubts/worries easily upfront by using our anonymous online Q/A-tool. This enables you to influence this guided Meditation, accompanied by sounds and images. In this group session, you can not see or hear any other participant. Yet, we all highly benefit from the input and the answers to a large variety of questions. This is truly one of the best meditation practices; calming your mind, relaxing your body, and developing self-awareness and mindfulness.

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The interactive Personalized Meditation & Mindfulness Service Online & Live via Zoom –

In this Personalized Meditation & Mindfulness Service, we will interact live. You also have the possibility of additionally submitting your theme/question/worry upfront through our anonymous online Q/A-tool. Your input will then be implemented into your personalized Meditation. You can also choose any other of our Mindful Services such as the Mental Training or Target-State-Coaching; all of them contain a guided Meditation to enable a calm state, relaxation, increased self-awareness and altogether helping to develop steady mindfulness and inner peace.

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The interactive “Spiritual Initiation” Online & Live via Zoom –

In this session, I will directly trigger your true self, which will ignite your inner spark of absolute peace. Even though you might be cluttered up with doubts, my words have the power to dissolve them, and in the end, you will open the door to your higher spirit by yourself by declaring your readiness and willingness. Feeling that breeze of your true identity will calm your mind and relax your body, as it contains excellent healing potential to set your soul free. The experience of this pleasant condition, but also the location of where to find all of this, will from now on help you to commune with your inner source of warmth and brightness by yourself. Your knowledge and your desire to commune with unconditional love and harmony that lay within the center of your being will then be your incitement to step forward and no longer a painful state you want to escape.
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