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Method & Pricing



In general, money should not be an unbreachable barrier in making our encounter possible. That is why the pricing and the time of an appointment underlays a socially acceptable model. This is mainly implemented through the appointed time and day. Group meditations ($17/Person/with bonus card) and our Open-Ashram Service ($45/person) are priced to meet everyone’s budget and are both highly beneficial. The prices per session (45-75 min) for Personalized Meditation, Life Coaching, and Mental Training are $125/Person daytime –  $215/Person evening. On the whole, appointments can be set up flexible, in the early mornings, evenings, on weekends, and during holidays. We offer a Bonus-Card – 6 for 5


For some of us, meditation is an intimate procedure of rebalancing body, mind, soul, and stepping beyond by connecting with our inner spirit. Often there is no better place for this process than at home. For your convenience we offer a safe Home-Visit option and provide detailed instructions on how to make this experience safe and utmost enjoyable; don’t hesitate to email or call for this option. Home-visits are possible for individuals, couples, or private groups (additional $5/mile distance from our location in Rancho Mirage apply).  

Counseling Method

A session always consists of different components, which you can choose yourself, at our second meeting. A strict boundary between these components and also the different types of services, will not always be possible, but also not necessary. We will have the latitude to vary with the components which feel right and are important to you. To find mental obstacles and root causes, we will work with the coaching principal and a questionnaire that goes beyond your awareness. In combination with my sensitivity, we can detect deeper thought patterns that are negative or arise from your anxiety. This might as well be the method in mental training. The frank conversation is only one part of a session since it is often too inefficient to make a change of your emotions. Often, fewer words are more valuable. It is more about finding the pieces of your personal puzzle and putting them together, and not so much about unloading a pile of sorrows and hardships. Your feelings are the focal point, especially your desired state of emotions, which you now wish to be in. It is more effective to focus on your target state and only look at one actual obstacle that hinders you right now. We want to make small but steadfast steps and dig out the work packages of your past or future only when we want to labor them. The method of target state coaching will help us to reach better results, especially since we combine it with meditation and stillness exercises, through which we will be in a more calm condition. I will point out possible causes and simply offer you a more appropriate and peaceful perspective, which you can choose to follow or to deny. But the main goal of our work is that you learn how to detect, recognize, and realize negativity and truth through your emotions by yourself. This is what will lift your Consciousness and gain Self-Confidence. It is all about finding unconditional Peace and Satisfaction, through Mindfulness and Self-Awareness.

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All components at a glance:

  • Meditation for Mind Relaxation – 15 min
  • Guided Stillness Meditation – 15 min
  • Thought Contemplation – 15 min
  • Meditation for Body Relaxation – 15 min
  • Easy Body Stretching – 15 min
  • Open Conversation – 15 min
  • Mindful Exemplification – 15 min
  • Spiritual Exemplification – 15 min
  • Inner-Praying – 15 min
  • Freehand Spiral Drawing – 15 min
  • Inward Looking & Reflection – 30 min
  • Target State Coaching – 30 min
  • Outdoor Walk/Impulse – 30 min
  • Deep Rest Meditation – 45 min

Please consider:

I am not a doctor or psychologist, and only work collaterally. I will at no time make a medical diagnose, psychoanalysis, or give medical advice, instead, I strongly recommend visiting a doctor, psychologist, or physiotherapist if you are in need of medical assistance.